Asset Fails to Upload Every Time Despite Plenty of Headroom

Please examine why this project is unable to upload a 270mb file, then apply a solution.!/elhs2020?

@glitch_support ^^^^

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This frustrating problem still persists. What gives?

I really would like this to be rectified.

Maybe Glitch could publish its network architecture and internal APIs so that the collective intelligence of the community could rise up and assist.

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I still think this has something to do with the outage. Until then I suppose you could upload the assets to an alternate website and use the wget command to import them.


Unfortunately the pipe to both wget and curl collapse shortly into their existence. :confused:

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So sad. I am trying to put a nice project together for our graduated senior class. :sob:


Thanks for flagging this! I agree with @RiversideRocks that this is most likely related to the service interruptions we have been seeing.

Iā€™m really sorry that this is affecting your Boosted app! I am following up on the support request you sent to us now.