Asset import from URL


Its really awesome that we have assets over glitch,
but It would be even awesome if we could import assets using URL link also instead of only importing them from PC.
I hope you guys have understood my idea, even though my words are really confusing here.


Hey froosty,

If you want to use an image url you could just use it in your code directly. Like, . Is this what you mean?


He mean importing any file to assets by using link of that file instead of using importing any file by PC. maybe


could you let us know more about what your use case would be there? Is it to keep all your assets together in one place?


lets assume I have used a assets directy from the URL like you said
like but then the webpage goes down for over a week and the asset will completely dissapear from my project also.
Likewise if its a image link I found from a quick google search, you can never say if it will remain there forever. if the image author removes it then my project will look akward.
and also Thanks to Glitch, I even code from mobile now-a-days,
and I use I-phone, from which it is hard again to download the image and upload it.
These are the basic cases for which I suggested this idea :smiley:


oic, that makes sense and should be doable, i’ll add it to our backlog



Did this ever get implemented?


Hey @slackscassidy, welcome to the Glitch forums!

We haven’t been able to get around to this yet so I’m afraid that the limitations @Froosty noticed are still in place. It’s still in our backlog though.