Assets are unseen!

I imported my github project into my glitch app,
My project around github had
parent dir/ assets/ fonts/ *.ttf and parent dir/ assets/ images/ *.png
but I cant see them over my file list.

I want to edit them but seems like i cant, as I cant even see those files inside parent dir/ assets/ ....
How would I work around this ?

and also the files arent around the Glitch’s predefined assets folder as well.

Imported binary files aren’t shown in the file tree. You need to upload them to the assets store yourself. However, it’s worth noting that those files still exist on your server, so for the ones you don’t want to edit, you can refer to them programmatically.

how would I go with editing an image file programmatically ??
and also I would love to use the assets store, but I am then facing problem using them with my project.

I said for those you don’t want to edit. The point is that you can refer to the files in their current location from within your web app.

Why can’t you then use them in your project? Consider using assets-lib if you need to refer to assets in the store with relative URLs.

const { resolve, join } = require(‘path’);
const fsn = require(‘fs-nextra’);
Canvas.registerFont(resolve(join(__dirname, ‘…/assets/Discord.ttf’)), ‘Discord’);

This is how I have accessed the files in the local version of my file, and I looked into what you provided
but couldnt get a way to make it work
Any futher help for it @Gareth??

If you email me a join link to your project ( then I’ll take a look.