Assets filling up memory?

The basis of my project is that it takes a random image from the assets folder and posts it on Twitter. However, it needs a LOT of images as it is a bot that aims to post random screenshots from a TV show. So I have a short series of questions as I’m basically a baby when it comes to coding and using Glitch.

  1. Do assets take up memory space? Disk space? If so, is it the same amount of space that shows when you click on an image for details?

  2. Would there be a way I could grab the images from an external source such as Imgur?

I have a few workarounds in mind but it would be ideal if I didn’t have to resort to them, so some help would be great! Thank you!

i dont think it does as it uploads to the cdn but you could try and see if it fills up space

Per the restrictions page, it looks like assets count towards the 200MB limit if you put them straight into the filesystem, and there’s a 512MB limit if you upload the assets to the special “assets” area.

If that’s not enough storage space, you might want to try uploading the images somewhere else (Imgur, AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces) and then storing the links to the files in your Glitch project as text.


I can try that! Thank you!