Assets folder path


Be sure to reference the name of the file exactly too - is it ‘welcome’ or ‘Welcome’?


I’ll try both, even the CDN code.


CDN won’t work - canvas needs a path to the file not a URL.


No, the code. Not the entire link.


Um, I also tried the other names. Doesn’t work. Are you able to do it for me by going on my project?


ok - DM me a join link


I opened console & If i Type “cd assets”
bash: cd: assets: No such file or directory

But there is folder in my project & have some images also


If you’re referring to ‘assets’ that you see in the editor, that’s a virtual folder which runs on our cdn - it doesn’t exist on your local filesystem. We appreciate this isn’t intuitive and is something we plan to change in the future.


Hello ! It worked for me after seeking the answer for 2 hours ! Yay !

Now the plan is : how to delete an assets in this “assets folder” ?
Does it get suppressed when you deleted it from the assets overlay ?