Assets in our domain?

I don’t want my assets to look like Is it possible to make the asset url into

If you have the cdn url, e.g., you can use the wget command in the terminal to upload it to your project, and then refresh to show the new file in the editor.

wget "" -O path/to/file.png

You don’t necessarily need the quotes around the cdn url, but they sometimes have special characters in them, which makes the quotes necessary.
Also note that you can use any url instead of a glitch cdn url.
There’s also a method using curl, but I don’t know it :slight_smile:
Happy glitching :smiley:


i’ll try this out! thanks

hmmm, it didn’t work:

edit: tried it without the path and it worked!

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What you tried likley isn’t working because there isn’t a ~/src/f/ path. You could make one by:

mkdir src
cd src
mkdir f