Assets no longer appear in editor


We should’ve fixed the issue. Can you please check to confirm :slight_smile: ?


Yup - seems to work now. Thanks for that.

Just to confirm - these assets will persist on your CDN indefinitely? Or are they wiped periodically? In other words - can I reference those URLs & expect them to be valid through June?

Thanks again


We don’t currently remove or expire any of the assets you upload. Of course for the future we can only guarantee that the assets listed in the assets file won’t be deleted :slight_smile:


Hi guys -
Alllll of my assets are once again gone… did some kind of regression happen here?
Thanks again for your help.


This happened because you added .glitch-assets to your .gitignore today. It’s a bug that this makes them disappear, but you really don’t want to ignore that file. The bug should be fixed in a few minutes.


Hi Tim - We didn’t make any edits to .gitignore until the files disappeared (.glitch-assets has been in there for some time… at least since the bug was fixed the last time around). I did remove .glitch-assets once the bug reappeared.

I can just keep the .glitch-assets in my repo - no problem - but is it going to be possible to restore the existing assets to the project?

Thanks again


Ah, I see. I was looking at it backwards. I restored the assets. I also added a .env file to your project for now - we have an editor bug that doesn’t like projects without that file. I should have that fixed this morning, so you can delete the file tomorrow if you like.


Thanks Tim -
I noticed a .lesshst file was added as well - can that be added safely to gitignore or should we avoid using gitignore all together?


You should be fine using .gitignore. I wouldn’t add .glitch-assets to it, because that’s a file you would like to keep the history of. I just misunderstood what caused your problem yesterday - I thought it was adding .glitch-assets to .gitignore that had messed things up. .lesshst is exactly the kind of thing you want in .gitignore. I fixed the .env issue too, so you can delete that now.


We’re running into this bug with this project ( two of the earlier uploaded assets aren’t listed, but are served up just fine when showing the webpage.


What are the names of the files you aren’t seeing listed?