Assets performance and limits


Hi, I see that assets are stored in AWS. I am wondering if this performs the same as I had my own AWS storage, or if I should just start using my own from now (to avoid moving stuff later)? Would you be ok with millions of calls to assets per minute :slight_smile:


They’re stored in S3, the same way they would be if you put them there. I’m not aware of limits on # of requests, but millions/minute may get Amazon’s attention. What are you doing that would cause that many requests? Will the rest of your Glitch app be able to keep up with those requests? We limit requests to your application (but not the assets), so millions/minute will cause your project to get throttled almost immediately.



I am thinking of showing users a huge slideshow which loads pictures using ajax (straight from S3, so the requests on S3 would be much higher than the app), and we are assuming that the users will love the slide show A LOT :slight_smile:

Ok, maybe not millions “lot”.