Assets Uploading & A User Announcement Category

  1. When I try to upload a single image, the progress bar on the top right shows Uploading 2 assets although I’m uploading only one image.

  1. I think it’s time we users got a category for announcements and public suggestions like Happy New Year!, Clone From Git Repo Doesn't Work! (it was meant to be a public notice) and People please don’t tag @Glitch_Support because such posts are wrongly categorised into the ‘Feedback’ category. Glitch staff has an ‘Announcements’ category but what about the rest of us, like when we want to let people know about the release of, for example, the dark mode for the Support Forum or something similar to that!

Happy New Year everyone :blush:

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A good idea would be a Community Announcements category! Maybe posts have to be reviewed by staff or Regulars to avoid low quality spam topics, or just some more advanced moderation tools for Regulars?

I’ve also had the asset issue. However, sometimes the assets don’t upload at all and when they do I’ve got ~10 of the same asset and it can be quite annoying.

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Exactly, dude! Because if sometimes a downtime that happens that is totally out of Glitch staff’s timezone and many people start reporting that their projects don’t work, we could use the category to post a message saying that such a downtime is happening and we are waiting for Glitch staff, that could prevent too many new threads. Posting it in the Feedback section could make it look like that user is also experiencing the error.

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Also, quite a few people overlook some of the non-main categories (e.g #feedback).

The only problem I can see is that people may abuse this category. Thus, meaning certain ranks would possibly get higher privileges for that category - to prevent possible abuse of pinning topics, etc.

I’m going to run a local Discourse instance and make a follow-up reply to see if I can do some stuff with Discourse permissions. :smile:

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To follow up, it seems there’s no config for who can pin messages in Discourse. (unless i cant read)

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  1. Surely, that looks like a bug. I was able to reproduce the issue.

  2. I condemn the design of having an own category for the community. It already has the ‘Feature Request’, and ‘The Gallery’ category. It may cause unnecessary confusion. If you would like to let the users know something - a bug, a feature, or anything that Glitch has missed out, feel free to private message the support team. Concerning the review system, this forum is an interface on top of Discourse, while we do can modify the settings to do such, but we do not have absolute control over that - that’s not the issue here, but it’s more of a futile and effortful implementation. Moreover, the role hierarchy is also set up by Discourse, as far as I know, we should not be able to increase the perks.
    I am really grateful for your thoughts, but I think the implementation has defects and is faulty.


The Glitch forum uses Discourse, not Disqus.

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Yeah, but the ‘Feature Request’ and ‘The Gallery Category’ aren’t meant for the purposes I’ve discussed above either, and that is why I suggested a new category. As for the ‘unnecessary confusion’, why not give access to this category only for specific trust levels (and hide out the GUI for that). Leave out the reviewing part, I’m sure Glitch could do it. If I remember correctly, there was an outage during October or November, and you had created a mega thread for letting everyone know what the status was, but since you couldn’t have access to the ‘Announcements’ category, you posted it in Glitch Help. I was saying, such topics could be posted in this new category. I agree that users may spam it and try to misuse it but let’s see what Glitch and @glitch_support has to say about this!

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Right, my bad. Let’s not sweat the little details. I was a little puzzled and involved; consequently, I mixed both of them. Anyway, you probably understand what I meant by condemning the implementation.


That’s okay! It happens to me a lot! :blush:

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Ah. When creating a new category in Discourse you can make all topics be reviewed first.

There’s also options to limit certain trust levels/user groups to special actions.

This eliminates the review system problem. Outlined here:

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Regarding that, the “Trust Levels” are automatically assigned to users who meet specified requirements, that’s it. Thus, it’s not just highly unsatisfactory but may be dangerous. It can further arouse arguments, disputes, confusion (as mentioned), so on and so forth.

What we can have is an organization of users - Moderators, which will have such capabilities.
Again, you should not be able to replace or improve the very implementation of the provider. We certainly have the “Trust Level 4 - Leader”; however, it just offers too much and extreme capabilities. In concern to that, we can have applications for the “Trust Level Leader,” which can be filled and submitted for review to gain the “Trust Level 4”. But that’s quite an effort.

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The User Groups feature in Discourse would be quite useful. This means Glitch staff choose who gets in the group - no auto grouping.

yes i had to send 3 separate images

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I agree, and the fact that it can further arouse arguments, disputes and etc. is totally true. I’ve seen other Discourse platforms (like FreeCodeCamp) where there are moderators and (correct me if I’m wrong) you could create trust levels(?).

Yup, it is a big effort or we could let Glitch choose!


You can’t create trust levels in Discourse but you can create User Groups (and automatically grant them trust levels). You can treat them as user groups (but you don’t earn them). See my post above.

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@support_staff, just so that you know ^. @chroventer, is it okay?


@khalby786 - yes the single upload that says uploading 2 is confusing/annoying! We have asked the team to look into it.

RE: User Announcement Category & Private Categories/Groups
I’ve been reading this discussion and thinking about how to respond…

First off, a huge shout out goes to those of you who have regularly helped other users, pinged support when our assistance is required, and notified us when you spot a bug or possible outage. Thank you! Having a healthy, friendly and helpful community where anyone can ask questions - regardless of their background, language and skillset - is extremely important to us!

Also, the work being done on making a dark mode version of the forum available is very cool, and it has been inspiring to see how you have worked together on that!

I totally understand the reasons why another section would be requested. However we need to

  1. Limit the spam that lands in the forum
  2. Prevent important information that could help the entire community from being unintentionally hidden from the rest of the community.
  3. Keep the playing field as level as reasonably possible for all forum users.

For now, we are going to keep the forum categories the same.

  • To show off cool projects, please continue to use the Gallery section of the forum.
  • If you notice a bug or a possible outage, please post in the Feedback section here. I have updated the description for this forum category to include bug reports.
  • If it is urgent, please send a message to Also know that the Support Team at Glitch is now included in the group of engineers who receive alerts when the site is down. (We were added after the November outage).

Thanks for the feedback, and feel free to reach out to me anytime, or post it in this category!


I can agree with most of this. Especially the spam issue. Unfortunately the forums are sometimes misused and are just flooded with questions that can be answered by googling the exact question - these types of questions really annoy me. Also another thingy that annoys me is people bumping old posts just to repeat something that’s already being said (without adding any extra information).

i might make my own ‘Glitch 2019’ roundup and show my opinions on the glitch platform and cool ideas - essentially a review

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I can see why you do not affirm with having a new category.

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