Attain ip/ system information

my coding project, the-deep-web , is a system to allow people to stay safe, access the deep web, and not see dangerous things, but in order to do that, i have to randomize the user’s ip, and system information, so if they enter the dark web from my site, they will not be able to be tracked.
does anyone know the simplest way to attain these two items

I’m pretty sure that’s … not legal … Or at least not allowed on this site …

… i have to randomize the user’s ip…

IP addresses aren’t typically assigned in a truly random way, rather, they’re assigned from a pool of known addresses.

IP addresses are typically assigned to computers connecting to the internet in one of two ways:

  1. Statically: Used when the computer needs to be reachable at the same IP address for a long time. (This is typically used for long-running servers, like ones hosting email inboxes or databases.)
  2. Dynamically: Used when the computer’s IP Address is less important, say, when the computer can be found by Domain Name. (This is how Glitch works.)

Further, the computer assigning IP Addresses may reassign the same address to the same computer over and over again.

Finally, the server assigning the IP addresses may allow a computer to keep the same address for quite a long time,

To sum up, we need our computer’s IP address to be assigned:

  • from a large pool of IP addresses
  • dynamically
  • while never getting the same address two times in a row
  • and requiring a new address very frequently

All of these things are under the control of the server that assigns IP addresses, not our Glitch instance, so it would be very difficult to guarantee that a specific Glitch project was safe from tracking by IP address. Also, it looks like the trend is towards giving the same IP address to a Glitch project for a longer period, not less:

Anonymity on the internet is a complex topic, and can be very tricky. (Many, many people spend their whole career working it.) I hope you found this information helpful. Best of luck with your project! :hammer_and_wrench:

ok thank you