Attempting to edit browser tab text for out of focus

I can’t get this code to edit the browser text, and no matter what even if I switch tabs it doesn’t change, I may just not know how to do this, any help would be appreciated.
`jQuery(document).ready(function() { // Get page title var pageTitle = (“title”).text();

// Change page title on blur
(window).blur(function() { (“title”).text(“if you see this lemme know”);

// Change page title back on focus
(window).focus(function() { (“title”).text(pageTitle);

you can actually change the page title using this script:

document.title = "This is the new page title.";
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I moved this to #coding-help because you seem to be asking for help with coding not Glitch.

Any errors in the console?

There are no errors, however I put it in glitch help because it works just fine in like WordPress and other sites but it doesn’t on glitch