Attempting to Load Command

Hello! Currently my commands are attempting to load until they reach a certain point of loading, and then they stop. I’ve tried using the refresh command and know that it needs another push. My project name is NookBot-Master. Thanks!

Hi @JacobHowie, welcome to Glitch!

Can you rephrase and be a little more specific? Do you have any code snippets that might help others know what you’re trying to solve? It’s a bit difficult to understand what you are trying to achieve.

Please also take a look at How to ask by Stack Overflow

Hi! For some reason my commands aren’t loading up to my Discord.js Bot.My environment is currently Npm: v6.9.0, Node.js: v12.0.0, and Discord.js: v12.0.1. This is what’s happening, my commands are trying to load but are being stuck at the Ready event. This wasn’t happening before. I have attached the log to show you what I mean. Thanks!

Hi, logs doesn’t really help much if we don’t know what they’re coming from. How are you attempting to load the commands? Are you relying on Discord.js-commando? Or have you attempted to create your own command-loader?

from this, it seems like its looping through all the commands correctly. do you have a console.log() in the ready event when the bot starts?