Attempting to make a Javascript Terminal Login


I am making a simple application that runs on command prompt/terminal. (Sounds really bad, but I’m really invested in this.)

I used “Termkit”, a Javascript dependancy to make a menu like this:

Menu thingy

I was wondering when you click the “Login” button, it’ll show them a prompt to login with the credentials given to them (by me). Thanks!

Could you clarify? I assume you’re asking how to make a modal window in the terminal.

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Hi there! :wave:

There are several ways to do terminal logins.

My favorite of them is using SSH keys (private/public keys). This is however really advanced in some cases.
You can also use the default username/password strategy.
Or really any way you can imagine that they can prove themselves to be who they say they are.

If you want to build a terminal interface I recommend you look into a module called Blessed.js. Or if you’d like to keep it simple you can look into Inquirer.js.

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You could also use a working terminal emulator like weTTy, which is what Glitch uses.

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Thank you! I found inquirer.js really helpful. :smiley:

Do you have documentation/videos talking about SSH keys?

I really don’t have any tutorials as I learned this myself using the Node.js API docs for their Crypto module. And I recommend against trying to learn it yourself as a beginner, as this is some pretty difficult stuff.

However, if you insist I’m sure you could google something like Node.js public private key authentication :wink:

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