Audio trouble with custom Heardle

Hello, I’ve recently created a heardle with Glitch. “Heardle” is the music version of the popular website called “Wordle.” You’re given a short snippet to guess the song that’s playing and so forth. I shared my Heardle with a few of my friends. It worked perfectly fine yesterday, but now I am receiving messages from my peers not being able to hear the song they’re supposed to guess. I’ve tripled checked everything from making sure the title is correct and matches the SoundCloud widget. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you.

Perhaps your autoplay is failing?

Some browsers (iirc safari and also brave) require at least one user gesture to fire off playback of audio.

I would use the web audio API, right?

what things did you check for when you triple checked?

if you’ve triple checked, then maybe there’s something wrong with the ideal program whether in your mind or some specification you’re working from.

one thing I’ve done in times like this to build as tiny of a page as possible where the thing–audio playback in this case–actually works. then, gradually remove from the project until either it starts working or it exactly matches the tiny working page.

if at some point you remove something and it starts working, then you’ve narrowed down where the problem is. or if comes to exactly match the working page, then I guess you’re out of luck. but do post about it here because that would be a really interesting story

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Soundcloud or your underlying service would most likely use that to implement playback controls, so yes.


I want to create my own Heardle, but I’m very unfamiliar with how to develop my own, can you tell me how you did it?

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I was that Heardle was bought out by Spotify (from soundcloud) Not sure if that matters in your code. I came here looking to see how people make their custom heardle. Can anyone share the code?

Hey sorry for the delayed response but here’s the code: Glitch :・゚✧

make sure to remix the entire project to be able to edit it towards your liking. info is in the “READ.ME” tab. feel free to reply with any questions.



Thanks for sending that info. I have been trying to figure it out but struggling… Could I use Spotify instead of SoundCloud?

Would you be willing to start a glitch file for me? I want to do an 80’s Rock. I think if I saw how a few songs were in the code, I could figure it out.

Would it be worth your time for $50? I could send you Venmo. If you are interested, let me know.


I currently don’t use Venmo. I use PayPal but I’ll be willing to help start a file. If you want, you could share your glitch project with me and I will help start it off. To your Spotify question: yes you could be able to use Spotify I think as long as you embed the Spotify player you should be able to do so.

Here’s a link I found on how to for Spotify: Embeds | Spotify for Developers

2: How to Easily Embed Spotify Music on Your Websites? | Sidify

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