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auroraOS 5.0 is now out.

username demo
password demo

2 features are not available, sorry! I received tons of feedback from users asking me to release it today however, so here you go.

I STRONGLY recommend that you do not remix until a proper password setting system is put in place. If you must, follow the directions in system/server.js.

4.0 has been moved to


Yay! However there’s a ton of bugs in 5.0 I gotta say.

How do I change username and password?

Development has obviously been slow, but we’re still working on many things.
There’s a new developer preview available here.

Here’s a break-down of what has happened:
Available on the Developer channel:

  • Windstorm, a new theme (Industrial Light 2.0)
  • Window manager tweaks
  • Terminal 2.0
  • Package manager
  • And much, much more.

auroraOS is switching to a year-month version system, similar to Ubuntu’s. The current update is 20.06 (5.01), and the next update will be 20.07 (6.0).
This also means that feature updates will happen more or less monthly, with bug fixes in between.

The market has been discontinued temporarily. It has been replaced with the AuroraGet package manager, available in the terminal.

All themes are being refactored. Dark and Light have been re-done, with performance gains of up to 50%, and there is also a new theme called Windstorm. It is dedicated to modernness, beauty, and performance.

Settings 2.0 is coming soon; it will add the ability to change account passwords, create accounts, and delete accounts, something that everyone has been asking for.

auroraOS will be separated into a demo and a version that you remix soon. This will enable me to disable features to improve the demo experience.

Finally, the window manager has been tweaked. Windows now open in the center of the screen, and are sized automatically if a size is not provided manually. A bug with maximizing windows where the animation stuttered has also been fixed.

That about wraps it up, and I hope to see you when 20.07 is released.



Seen the dev edition, is the package registry going to be released?

a little help

PM if you need help/tester

Yes, the package registry will be released soon.

Im going to assume that you used xterm js for the terminal?

The terminal was built completely from the ground up to optimize it for auroraOS.



Great! :smiley:

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Discord invites are not working… :man_facepalming:
You peaked my interest sir.

It runs perfectly on 4gb of RAM (Raspberry Pi 4 model B). Props to you, I’m really impressed !


Maybe auroraOS could be a linux distro one day

  1. Get arch linux
  2. Install desktop enviorment
  3. Set it to launch chormium koisk mode or electron fullscrenn
  4. Allow AuroraOS to access linux filesystem
  5. Release the image

I messaged the developer of OS.js, and he told me how he converted it to a distro


is it just me or it doesnt work? I’m stuck at the Glitch’s page saying “Starting”
Ok it works on the dev version, how to register?

Username: demo
Password: demo
You have to remix to make your own account I think

Imagine a browser inside the OS inside your browser inside your OS. (An aurora browser)


Are you still developing AuroraOS @soup?

Not everyone has the time to maintain projects and some get bored of one project/get more focused on another