auroraOS - An OS in your browser

I might rewrite this and make it windows-10-themed


Here’s some apps you should app(just iframe them I guess)

Really cool app with EPIC VISUALIZATION(shoot just found out visualization is a seperate plugin)
A minesweeper game
Also an app for glitch
If you guys can get a coder-server instance running (they use more disk space than glitch can provide) you can make vscode an application.

Yeah i’m rewriting the app to show something else like a dialog that locks up the apps until they press a button. I might try when 5.0 comes out

That file we need as a placeholder

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I remixed the project @soup, and I saw that you were using iframes for windows. (app windows, not the os) I am now going to make a browser app using iframes!


I already tried; back when I first started making auroraOS, a browser app was the first thing I set out to do.
iframes have restrictions on them that prevent certain domains, like Google, to be shown in the iframe (to prevent scamming).
I would still love to see what you make!

That’s true (I’ve learned it as well before your post) Apps like that have some kind of restriction. I realized this when I made a web proxy that uses IFrames (some websites work however though.)


There are several options to bypass the iframe restriction. If you have a browser that has extensions you can modify the header. There is also a solution that involves custom elements, however it is broken currently.

The custom element doesn’t work I think because the proxy servers are down. We can host a proxy server on the same machine as the os and have the iframe connect to that.
Just make an instance of cors-anywhere but remove the origin header restriction because it says
To prevent the use of the proxy for casual browsing, the API requires either the Origin
or the X-Requested-With header to be set. To avoid unnecessary preflight (OPTIONS) requests,
it’s recommended to not manually set these headers in your code.

I’ve tried to make the app, Aura Browser, but failed. The os does not seem to load.

Wow this is so cool. Sadly can’t access the filesystem RN and the marketplace doens’t work. I’ll keep watching this though


I’ve noticed that if the app name contains capitals and spaces, the os will crash

And @Alt_Guy some handy tips i used when i tried to make a browser:

  1. Try to find an alternative to an iframe, when i tested this beside an object function- i saw the object loaded a lot faster.

  2. No spaces or caps- try auorabrowser or auorabrowse or ‘internet’

  3. Get an Internet browser PNG and convert to .webp, upload it as an asset then open the terminal and cd into your app source (_SERVER/packages/whateveryourappiscalled).

If you haven’t already- delete the existing icon and run:

wget -O icon.webp ASSETURL

Reopen your OS and you should see your app with an icon!

EDIT- I am going to try and recreate the lost windows version - windows longhorn


Webp is preferred but not required. You can use PNG, JPG, or even GIFs instead.

The OS doesn’t shouldn’t crash when app names have spaces or caps, it only crashes if your app’s folder name is different from the app name in your app/info.json.

For example, if your app/package’s name is Aurora Browser, then the folder must be named Aurora Browser, and name in your app’s info.json file must also be Aurora Browser.

i didn’t know that!

@soup when can we see the market fixed?

Most likely when 5.0 comes out.

okay, so how would the market work?

Like any market/app store.
Open it, search for an app, and install it.

but how? how would we get the files?

what do you mean?
The market would handle all installing and retrieval of files, you just have to restart the OS and its installed.

okay, good to know!

starts making windows longhorn…