Authentication Example App

Project URL:!/project/maple-dutchess

Playing around with Passport.js and different OAuth providers. There’s a wrapper around dynamodb for persistence, but I haven’t hooked it up yet. Until there is a bit of persistence, sessions and OAuth users only last a few minutes.


I just had a go at logging in with Twitter, but this happened:

This was when twitter redirected back to the app. It had only been a few seconds since I clicked, so presumably not session timeouts?

Thanks for checking it out!

I was getting the same thing, and it was an issue with the OAuth redirect URL from Twitter… it was using HTTP instead of HTTPS. Updated the Twitter App settings, and now it’s all better :slight_smile:

When I tested this out before posting, I must have been just pulling the HTTP link from my history… the Show tab gives you HTTPS by default.

Is that project support Discord app auth?