Auto-complete closed parentheses/brackets


when you open a parentheses in the editor, it would be great for the glitch IDE to automatically close the parentheses (like in visual studio code, intellij, etc)


Great Idea! I’d like to see this too. :grinning: same as works with html tags


but it should bring you inside the brackets


Haha yesyes, I agree Llight theme tho >.< for my eyes


Does anyone know how to build this feature? I have no clue where to start…

On another note: I did some research and came across a post on Notepad++ forum and pretty much it says that the autocomplete bracket feature is annoying for some, especially if they are working on a small fix (not new code). So we should make sure this feature in glitch can have a enable/disable function!


yes yes please now …


Autocompleting html tags too