Auto restart interval

Hi, i have a app that run 24/7 with uptimebot, and the app seem to restart itself in a certain interval of time, as my app require me to enter a certain “password”, i would like to know what the interval is, because i can’t be there at night, and if i can manipulate that interval so it’s restart itself when i can enter this “password”

Hi @fabuss254, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

Glitch project containers stop every 12 hours; that is to say 12 hours after the container starts it will stop itself. Once the next UptimeRobot ping is received the container will restart. I suspect it will be difficult to control the timing of that to your satisfaction.

I’m not sure what yoou’re doing with the authentication portion, but if you’re using basic auth for that there’s no reason your UptimeRobot configuration couldn’t include the credentials.