Automated deploys from Github to Glitch WITHOUT using the API or adding endpoints to your code

Over the time I’ve worked here I’ve gotten many questions on how to deploy from GitHub to Glitch. I’ve also seen several solutions that utilize an API endpoint, including my own Probot solution. Unfortunately as it’s not a public API endpoint, it may change at any time. Also I didn’t want anything that added to the Glitch project’s code itself (such as this previous solution)

So I looked for solutions that were API free and came up with this. It uses GitHub Actions + Git Hooks. Hopefully in the future we can automate it further.

Let me know what you think!


Oh wow, this looks really good! I’ll try it out with my projects tonight (:


Thanks for sharing! I will have to try some of these tricks out!

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A community member made an automated tool for doing this

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