Automated Github Deploys


Any plans in the works to deploy to glitch from github? Would love to be able to push to master or some other branch locally, and have a glitch version to share with my colleagues.

I love using glitch to show people under the hood of a staging version of an app.

Vim and local development will continue to be where I spend most of my time, but I sure would use glitch for staging more projects if I could deploy to it automatically from my git repo locally.

Was looking at this as a reference from Github


Not currently in the works, but we’re interested in providing greater flexibility down the line. Technically each Glitch project is also a git repo, so there’s a (currently undocumented) way of working with them remotely using git that I can provide you with some details about.


Would love to see that, thank you!

With luck I can build it myself and add it to glitch Community projects!


I’m also very interested in keeping my glitch in sync with a remote repo. I’d love to hear more, Gareth.

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I would really want to see it as well. I have built a 9000 member plus business and this would be a great feature.


Can someone keep me updated on this?


Have a look at my tutorial how to keep your project updated with GitHub! Hope that would help.

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