Automatic Disk Prune

Is it possible if someone can tell me how to automatically prune the Glitch disk? I already know how to make things automatically run with cron jobs, I need help with disk pruning code though. Thank you.

Oops, wrong tag. Apologies.

Apologies, however, wrong request.

Is there a way to make a code to automatically remove all tmp folder files?

Oh, yes, Modify your package.json/glitch.json file to look like this: rm -r /tmp && [Command]

Is that to insert in the code? I am not talking about the console, apologies. Trying to embed something like this to my cron job code. :smiley:

Thank you, will try!

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Didn’t work - is it possible if you could tell me how to do it in server.js?


var cron = require('node-cron');
var shell = require('shelljs');
cron.schedule('* * * * *', () => { // Make cron jobs here at
  shell.rm('-v', '/tmp/*');

Make sure to have node-cron and shelljs is installed!


Thank you!

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Actually you don’t need any 3rd party packages:

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Couldn’t you just setup a cronjob?

He could and said that he knew how to but wanted to do it programmatically which I do most of the time as well.


Yeah, but shelljs makes it easier!

That is what is being done with node-cron.