Automatic git saving everything is surprising and harmful

I just ran into this issue in which the disk fills up because Git is saving every change to every file.

I’ve used Glitch quite a few times over the years and had no idea Git was configured like this.

It was very surprising to me that:

  • every change to any file is saved as a Git commit
  • that includes binary files like (in my case) SQLite databases
  • the disk can fill up this way
  • there are no warnings that this is happening, no emails, nothing
  • there is no easy way to fix it (the recommended suggestion in that thread doesn’t work unless an admin intervenes to temporarily give you more disk space)
  • there is apparently no way to disable it?

I ended up having to delete my .git directory, which I don’t care about anyway.

To me, having a functional site with available disk space is much much much more important than having a complete Git history.

Suggest you consider changing some or all of the above. Perhaps make the Git thing opt-in, or send a warning email when disk is half full, or have a more comprehensive default .gitignore etc etc.

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Hi @stevage - appreciate the feedback here and it’s timely as we’re currently thinking about how to better use git to provide a history but not take up disk space or surprise users like this. I don’t have an answer as to when things will change if they do, but the team is aware of your pain points here. Thank you for sharing and writing it all out so clearly.

tacking on more thoughts to this feedback: there’s a lot of various storage classes in Glitch. they’re distinguished by

  • whether they get tracked in Rewind, i.e. Git
  • whether they show up in the editor
  • whether they get copied to remixes
  • whether they survive project restarts

it’s kinda complicated

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These are great points and I can certainly get them in a help doc (and will!) but I was wondering where you think the best place to surface this info within the editor would be. Maybe a link in the status tray in the Disk Space box? I haven’t run this by the team yet, I was just wondering what the community thought!

To me here would make sense

regarding types of files, there’s also a folder for static-generate (is it public? dist? build? I always forget :sweat_smile:). And some special files like package.json and watch.json, which I know there are docs somewhere but it would make sense to have links in the editor too!

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