Automatically-created projects are very confusing

I’ve run into several cases with my students where a project gets automatically created with its own random name and random description. This seems to happen when you’re logged in as one person viewing a project, and then you log out and back in as another user. If the user is not part of that last project, the system just creates a blank “hello-world” project without any prompting. This can be pretty confusing because the workspace becomes cluttered with projects that were not explicitly created. The random names and descriptions also add more ambiguity as we’re left to guess whether or not they’re real projects.

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Hey @bendavis78 thanks for the observation! I think what you might be seeing is that when an anonymous user (which is what you are once you’ve signed out) accesses the Editor for the first time in a single session Glitch automatically creates a new project for them; it’s sort of a side-effect of how we make it easy to get started without having to create an account.

That said I can see how it might be awkward or confusing in your use case; I’m going to pass this along to the rest of the team for future consideration.