Automatically Retrieve A Project URL Once It's Created?

Hello! I am aware that you can construct a URL that automatically remixes a project for you…you can fill the URL with all the parameters you want and it will create a new project for you. That newly created project will be given a random URL (for example, It’s awesome.

Is there a way to retrieve that random URL automatically, instead of manually clicking on my constructed remixer URL, and then manually getting the new project random URL? For example, maybe there is an HTTP request I can make to the remixer URL to get that random URL as the response?

Thanks so much!

Hey @GroovyMammoth the section on creating Remixes programmatically at might be useful for you - in short, send a special POST message and receive back the new Remix’s domain and join link.

Does that suit your needs?

Incredible - thank you! I’ll let you know if I hit any more problems here.

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