Automatically upload assets stored in public folder to Glitch

Hi, I created a React project with Glitch’s hello-react starter template and then downloaded the files onto my computer so I could work on them locally. (I prefer using my own IDE to Glitch’s web interface, but I wanted to use Glitch to host the website.)

I’m curious if there’s a way for Glitch to automatically upload all the assets I’ve stored in the public folder of my React project? After porting my project back to Glitch, I realized that the images I stored in public take up a lot of disk space. All the images in my project currently reference the files stored in public, so it would be a bit of a hassle to individually save each image to Glitch assets and then update each link manually, when it seems like it could be a fairly easily systematized process… just curious if there’s a built-in method of accomplishing this.

Thank yoouuuuu

Sidenote: maybe, in this case, I should not be using Glitch? Since it seems like I’m outside of the typical use case. Not sure what to use instead :confused: