Availability To Add Custom SSL Certs

I would like to feature request the availability for you to assign certs, and pem keys for custom ssl certs or allow you to be able to use custom SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt. Or using the cert-bot provided by Let’s Encrypt in order to help get people to trust your site. I think this would be a good feature to have if your wanting to gain people’s trust on your website.
I know this would be not possible for glitch to implement due to the servers hosting multiple projects and not being able to access the root of the server as there would be security issues. I have a lot of apps I make using this website and it would be wonderful if this was not a thought but a reality.

My Main Account is: @TrissieTheHusky (I’m soley only having a secound account so I can separate my school account from my home account)

Dang. Cori would know if this is possible. I don’t want to ping him on the job :P. But, glitch is planning on adding a paid for feature where you can pay for addons. But I don’t see that happening, untl like the summer or further.

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All projects already come with an SSL certificate. It would be cool if we could upload our own or switch to a different type of SSL. If your on about SSL certificates with custom domains, then this would be a useful feature to have.


The reason this is not possible is because Glitch uses a reverse proxy to access your project. You can use a custom SSL certificate if you use the HTTPS.createServer function. I’m unsure whether or not this will work considering Glitch’s reverse proxy might not expecting the HTTPS protocol, or enforces the HTTP protocol locally from their side.

I tried that code once, glitch stopped it from being viewed as a result on the .glitch.me domain

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