"Awaiting reaction" does not work (discord.js)

discord.js, node.js (v10.15.3)
Hi, I have a put an awaiting reaction message into my discord.js code from the documentation (). However, it doesn’t work. When I react with either reaction, nothing happens. Does anyone know why and have a fix to this? Thanks. Here’s my code.

  (reaction, user) =>
    user.id == message.author.id &&
    (reaction.emoji.name == "🎟" || reaction.emoji.name == "738695734643392544"),
  { max: 1, time: 5000 }
.then(collected => {
  if (collected.first().emoji.name == "🎟") {
  } else return message.author.send(exit);
.catch(() => {
  return message.author.send(timedout);

Also, the max time works, it gives me my output for that if I don’t respond (well I can’t respond). Link to my project: https://glitch.com/~cbs-bot

Can you refer to this guide: