Awake is down, awake is down!

Ello everyone, i do not own awake, but i’d like to bring it to everyone’s attention, that awake is not working anymore for some reason, and a lot of peeps are suffering now because their sites/bots depends on it


@charliea21 you have been called.


Let us repair this broken service that we love!

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Won’t uptimerobot work the same as awake?

Also maybe its time for a rewrite of awake.
Instant notifications when it fails to start your site.

yes, but awake is faster

How ? Uptime robot does it every 5 minutes, projects die every 5 minutes. Sites should stay online.

I’ll try to create a similar working version of this project (if @charliea21 has no problem with it). I’ve been messing with HTTP requests for the past two weeks, which might come in handy.


The project can be remixed but I was unable to find the remove url portion ofi t

Turns out that I was right! The code uses the request module to ping websites, although request has been deprecated.

it is alive again


Would you also mind forcing encryption on the project? It may not be such a great idea to submit website over non-encrypted connection.

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20 char min is stupid


A small sneak-peek of the upcoming new version of Awake! v2.0:

Awake! v2.0 will allow GitHub logins for user accounts and small-scale statistics for each URL you add for monitoring.



Now that, is awesome!

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Only github? Or any other oauth’s?

Also I’d love to help out with programming for statistics such as website ping, uptime/downtime logs, etc.

@Anish, I have replied to your DM. And I’m already being helped by @anon43649539 and @idodev, and this is enough, but thanks for the offer anyway!

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No worries, good luck on the project.


That is a good question, currently I have only GitHub oAuth but if you (and other users) want, maybe I can add Discord oAuth as well once we get this thing working.

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Currently, the URL pinging part is operational, now all that remains is displaying the recorded data for each user.

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