Awake! - Keep your Glitch project online!


Keep your Glitch project online 24x7


I created Awake! as I found that Uptime Robot didn’t always keep my projects on 24x7. Note: it usually does.

How is Awake! better than Uptime Robot you may ask?

Well, to start off users using Uptime Robot free will only be able to ping their project/URL every 5 minutes (that’s the minimum). Also, they were limited to only 50 sites!

However, Awake! eliminates these issues by sending a request to your project/URL every minute! (60 pings per hour) Also, we don’t place any restrictions on how many sites you can add.

DISCLAIMER: A site can only be added once.

I hope you like Awake! and use it in the future!

If you would like your site/URL removing from the database please reply bellow and mention me. Soon I will be completely re-creating Awake! with a better UI and more!


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I like this application, I will give it a try! If I can recommend a feature you could work on, I can see you have forEach link, after the console.log(“Successfully pinged”) part, then you can use quick.db maybe, to add a 1 to the url for successfully ping, and if ping failed, add 0 for failed ping like this:

let db = require('quick.db')
let fail = db.fetch(`failedPings_URL`)
let success = db.fetch(`successfulPings_URL`)
## when ping is successful.
if(!success) {
db.set(`successfulPings_URL`, 1) 
} else {
db.add(`successfulPings_URL`, 1)
## when ping is not successful.
if(!fail) {
db.set(`failedPings_URL`, 1) 
} else {
db.add(`failedPings_URL`, 1)

Then somewhere on the site, have a ping checker and have js do that math to get percentage out of 100 where it has been pinged successfully for an inputed url.

That would be a great feature!

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Good idea. I will use that feature when I re-write Awake!

The rewrite will have plenty more features such as website analysis, etc.

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