Awake! - Keep your Glitch project online!

Keep your Glitch project online 24x7


I created Awake! as I found that Uptime Robot didn’t always keep my projects on 24x7. Note: it usually does.

How is Awake! better than Uptime Robot you may ask?

Well, to start off users using Uptime Robot free will only be able to ping their project/URL every 5 minutes (that’s the minimum). Also, they were limited to only 50 sites!

However, Awake! eliminates these issues by sending a request to your project/URL every minute! (60 pings per hour) Also, we don’t place any restrictions on how many sites you can add.

DISCLAIMER: A site can only be added once.

I hope you like Awake! and use it in the future!

If you would like your site/URL removing from the database please reply bellow and mention me. Soon I will be completely re-creating Awake! with a better UI and more!



I like this application, I will give it a try! If I can recommend a feature you could work on, I can see you have forEach link, after the console.log(“Successfully pinged”) part, then you can use quick.db maybe, to add a 1 to the url for successfully ping, and if ping failed, add 0 for failed ping like this:

let db = require('quick.db')
let fail = db.fetch(`failedPings_URL`)
let success = db.fetch(`successfulPings_URL`)
## when ping is successful.
if(!success) {
db.set(`successfulPings_URL`, 1) 
} else {
db.add(`successfulPings_URL`, 1)
## when ping is not successful.
if(!fail) {
db.set(`failedPings_URL`, 1) 
} else {
db.add(`failedPings_URL`, 1)

Then somewhere on the site, have a ping checker and have js do that math to get percentage out of 100 where it has been pinged successfully for an inputed url.

That would be a great feature!

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Good idea. I will use that feature when I re-write Awake!

The rewrite will have plenty more features such as website analysis, etc.

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@xXProGamerXx Hi, how to configure this on project remix?

@xXProGamerXx You didn’t insert a link in the text.
Surround the text you want to link to the thread with

<a href="insert thread link here">the text you want to link to it</a>

inside of the text, I’d recommend having it surrounding “this” in your text.

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That won’t work also as Uptime Robot, because Glitch manually turns off project after a 12 hours of work.

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Actually, i’ve found that if you enter to the /edit page, project has to restart. So, I think you can ping the editor and the project will stay awake with ~5 min off time (when manually restarting)

I had completely forgotten to change this after creating this thread.

I’ll update it later as I’m extremely busy at the moment

Once the project has gone to sleep forcefully Awake! will ping it again and trigger it to come back online. Also, is kept online with Uptime Robot and by itself.

super meta ! :upside_down_face: . Is this project OK for @Glitch_Support ? can we use it freely

Could you please elaborate? The project can be used for free… The mods don’t have any problem with you telling people/recommend services which can be used (e.g Uptime Robot).

@xXProGamerXx how to use it on my own?

First, remix the project. At the start Glitch will be complaining about errors.

Next, open up the console and execute the following command:

echo "[]" > /app/.data/urls.json

Then you should be ready to go!

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@xXProGamerXx Thanks!

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@xXProGamerXx when i trying to delete url it gives me the “cannot get /removeurl” text page

This is because I have completely forgotten to add an URL delete feature. Sorry about that. I will add it ASAP.