Awakely - My verison of awake

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awakely is a edited version of, it is still a WIP, but it is still usable.

btw if you do not what awakely, it is a project that pings your project so it stays awake and it doesnt sleep

Mhmm… That’s 1005 :joy:

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what does 10005 mean?

Sorta this insider joke that some of us regulars on the forum been thinking regarding what people release. Currently there is already a dosen “status page projects”, or “editor projects”, and “awake” projects. Not to be rude or disrespectful, I really do appreciate you trying to learn more! But there is a bit too many clones at this point… At some point I’d really hope that people would understand to not re-invent the wheel.


Yeah, everyone has a version of Awake, a minified version of the Glitch editor, although status projects are new. :grin::joy:

Also faster ping doesn’t mean it’s better, I’d stick with 2 or 2.5 minute ping if I were you

I just came up with an idea for an awake project that doesn’t raise your 4000 requests per hour quota. I was thinking that making sure a project is alive through the Glitch API might be a bit better. But I’ll look more into that after I’ve done my CLI tool.

I think the request to make the project “alive” again would still count as one request. Not sure though.

Requests to the API doesn’t ever hit the reverseproxy with the Host header, so in theory it shouldn’t add anything to the quota usage :thinking:


It’s a theory. Has a decent chance of working tbh.

Oh god…    


I believe it has been mentioned before that any request that flows through Glitch servers counts toward it. And I believe API requests trigger this as before I’ve hit the 4K limit requests whilst creating a small website. (Only ever viewer the page 2-3 times - love preview was off.

That would most likely be incorrect, if this was the case you wouldn’t be able to write a lot of code per hour…

Using the editor or API would cause the project to start up but it would count towards your request limit, as Glitch just internally tells the project to wake up.

Seems weird though, I’ve been sorta abusing the API when working with my Glitch CLI tool. Wheras on one of the projects on my testing account I think I was up at 6k requests in 2 and a half hour. I was testing mass deployment using the terminal, that seemed to work okay… Which is also why I suggested using the API would be a cool idea so it wouldn’t raise the quota usage.

Well, Glitch does say there is a overhead to the project limit. However that is unknown. They say the limit is 4K however it must be quite a bit more as I’ve sent about 8K requests to my project once and got no rate limit.

I’mma try to run a stress test later :stuck_out_tongue: Hope I don’t f*ck things up…

So you’re the reason we had all this downtime :joy:


Running stress tests :3

Is that 20,000/4,000 requests??? :joy: