Awesomeprojects: A list of awesome Glitch projects powered by Glitch Collections

A list of awesome projects on Glitch using collections and Glitch’s API. Basically, It takes every project in a collection, and gets their metadata and puts it into a list.

It takes projects from this collection.

Project URL:

click here to add your project

Edit: I auctally made this because the only way to discover new projects (on the main site) is by searching for them.


wow, this is cool! do you plan to unprivate it?

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Soon, just have to fix a few things.

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I don’t actually know how to use glitch’s api since they don’t actually tell you how you can use it anywhere…


Maybe you shouldn’t be using elastic lol

I don’t use elastic. I use http-server, which uses a version of elastic, but maintained.

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I added a few things:

  1. It is now open source!
  2. RSS Feed
  4. It is now on Netlify as build times are faster on Netlify.
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Added Last Updated and Author fields