"Back" after navigating to docs doesn't work

  • I’m editing some project.
  • From the “glitch” dropdown top right I select “Docs”.
  • Oh, it replaces my editor tab, no problem, hit the “Back” button.

But: I end up at https://glitch.com/edit/undefined?path=server.js:87:0 (note undefined) with a cute little ghost in the tab title.

Hey @jean thanks for this report. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce it in the latest Mac OS X Chrome - when I follow those steps I end up back in the project I’d expect. Can you let me know what browser, OS and device (if mobile) you’re working in?

I doubt that it’s project-related, but in case it is knowing your project name might also help.

Hi cori

This was in Chrome on an old Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet (Android 8.1.0).

It was one of b0rk’s Twitter-cleanup projects.

Hi @jean I was finally able to test this in something sort of approximating your environment this morning (I have Chrome 76 running on a Kindle Fire / Android 5.1) and I still can’t repro this. Are you still seeing it?

I gave it a try just now, and it seems to be working fine.