Backing up quick.db data

So I use quick.db mainly to store all my data, I use it for my discord bot to store data for economy and so on, and I want to get the saved data for my other bot for testing, I can’t see any file for quick.db data, like JSON require making .json files, how to get the data?

Can you go into the terminal and try to navigate the db file yourself?

I’m asking where are these files, so how am I gonna navigate them?

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By looking around for files that might look like it belongs to your project.

You can download into your project to recursively list all files and directories in your project.

How do I do that?
I don’t know how to use Linux very well

Where are your files? You could add your directory to .gitignore and back that up.

quick.db files are usually hidden, I want to see them so I download them

Your quick.db files must at least be placed under your app directory, hence Glitch doesn’t allow to place files elsewhere.

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I just realized that it is json.sqlite :joy: