Backup and undo


I am curious on a few things.

  1. Is there a way to UNDO something you did in the editor? I almost lost a bunch of my code by accident so wondering.

  2. As far as backup for a project (just in case I delete and can’t undo) - is the best to download the project to my computer to save?

Thanks for any advise.


You can undo what you’ve just typed with cmd+z. We also have our Rewind feature, which you can open by clicking on the two left arrow icon next to Logs in the editor. That enables you to roll your project back to a prior date/time.

For backups you can save a zip file of your project or export to GitHub. Both are available under advanced options from the top-left project info menu in the editor.


Awesome Gareth! Thanks for the help!


What about the .env file?