Backup website for downtime

Project URL:

This is just a project that you can use during the downtime of the glitch website!

Im still getting the error when trying to log in

I’m getting an error on that site as well

Hmm, which method of logging in are you using? The login works fine for me but I am using the email login.

Tried both github and google

Could you take the email login a try?

Works until I go to my mailbox to click the link, then I get the same error

Ok, sorry it does not work for you but most of the things that do not work on the main site do work on this project (Not all things). This project was intended just for submitting changes to the dev team to maybe add the public site.

The site login seems to be back online, I may be mistaken or just got lucky logging in!

Doesn’t work when logging in through 3rd-party authentication services.

Also, I’m pretty sure if the Glitch site goes down all of the Glitch projects go down too.

Incorrect, if the site goes down or has an issue, sometimes projects can still be online! Depending on the cause of the problem on the main site.

Depends though. Although the main issue with the backup site is that some core features may not work though. Plus, if the Glitch staff update the site your backup will need to be manually updated by you (correct me if I’m incorrect about that bit).