Badge Generator for Your Glitch Apps


Project URL:!/badge?

Glitch badge which serves success or failed image depending on response code of your Glitch app


Create an image with source{app-name}.



![Glitch Badge](


<img src="" alt="Glitch Badge">


Very very nice! I love it, good job.


this is such a great idea!

i did find a bug where you’re sending req[0] as the app name, but you had already converted the array to a string - so if i did (which doesn’t exist as of my typing it) it would show as live because it was really checking for (which does exist) - w being the 0th index of “wowowowoowowow-sure”. change your req[0]'s to just req and you should be good to go (or compare to my remix here!/ivy-tv?path=server.js:34:0)


I noticed the same. Weirdly it was working before.

Problem fixed. Now this app can show Heroku badges too.