Bandwidth rules for free-tier projects

Hi, I wrote a video-stream caching app that serves a video stream and its cache hit-miss ratio query. If I reduce the size of stream chunks for smoother client video-streaming experience, Glitch throttles the accesses by 404 status. Then I increase stream chunk size from 64kB to 2MB. But now bandwidth increases much higher than small chunk version, video streams data much faster and uses more data per second.

I wonder if I am doing anything wrong in terms of consuming available bandwidth. Am I expected to use only simple query like 1kB at most? Or is it ok to stream a megabyte per second? If its against some rules, I understand you if you remove my project or disable it. But I couldn’t find any rules about it.

My project is free-tier, so there is no boost anywhere. This is how I managed to serve the video manually:

  • uploaded video to assets,
  • entered console command
  • wrote wget “cdn-url”
  • now app can use it directly from root of project to test the caching algorithm

Hit/miss query:

Video stream:

It also streams its own nodejs source code from /index.js, /lrucache.js and /simplefastvideostreamcache.js.

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Right now there isn’t a bandwidth cap. From tests on Glitch containers, they do seem to have gigabit upload speeds.

However, if you plan to consume large ammounts of bandwidth I’d reccomend letting the staff know so no automated systems flag your app.


Ok, where do I let the staff know this?