Banned for no reason

Hi my recent project got banned for no reason.
Can you help?
Here is the link:

what was the project?

there’s been this recent ruling on proxy projects, if it was that

If you’re making a proxy browser app to access sites not allowed by your network’s content filters, then that is not welcome on Glitch.

In the thread @wh0 posted, our proxy policy is stated, but if you think your project was suspended in error, the best way for us to take a look is by sending an email to

Sorry this recently just got the big ban hammer staff says you were making a proxy browser app if only you made it a week sooner before it was banned maybe you would secretly still have it.

Yes it is a proxy but it is for personal use so can you unban.

What do you mean?

Unfortunately, proxy apps are not welcome on Glitch, so even if it’s for personal reasons you’ll have build it somewhere else. I hate saying that because we welcome creativity and curiosity but we do have rules in place to make sure that Glitch is available and safe to use for everyone.

can I ask about this? in the announcement itself (emphasis added):

proxy apps designed to get around content filters aren’t allowed

is there anything in Glitch’s enforcement procedure to evaluate the highlighted part?

Sure, we updated the project suspensions page in the help center to reflect the new policy:

Creating a project that contains:

  • Obfuscated code
  • Code relating to cryptocurrency mining
  • Code used to spam others
  • Code used for phishing
  • Code used for spying/gaining unauthorized access to websites
  • Code that allows access to blocked content (ie. proxy browsers)
  • Code that overloads our system and prevents the enjoyment of Glitch by others.

If you have questions about a specific project then you can always email us at

(emphasis added)

Code that allows access to blocked content

woa that’s a lot broader. thanks for the link


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