Bantathon competition no.1 prize winner - The Cube Puzzle Room - Multiplayer VR Puzzle Game

Project URL (Only works in Banter app on Meta Quest headsets currently):

I’m pleased to announce I came first in the Bantathon competition - a VR competition hosted over Christmas to create a unique multi-user VR space in Banter. Banter is an upcoming social shared-space app using web frameworks and Unity from the creators of Sidequest.

My entry was a VR puzzle room called The Cube, where you controlled a physics based cube through various puzzles using a virtual wand-like controller that played with the VR perspective of the puzzles.

Video of people exploring the space from the competition: CubePlaythrough - YouTube

More about the space:
The initial idea was to make an experimental game within Banter where you pick up a controller to take over control of something else in the level to push the boundaries of interaction in Banter. Shane did some fantastic work recently to implement an example of this with an RC car that I am very excited to play with in the future! There is a pinball machine I was working on at the end which needs some Unity-specific stuff so it is cordoned off for now… :slightly_smiling_face:

There are tutorial signs throughout but you need to grab the controller wand with one hand and the cube next to it with another hand and use the cube to press buttons on the controller wand to move the pink cube around in the next room.

The cube itself will change colour to match the direction of movement you are giving it from the wand controller, and the walls of each room are coloured to show the North/East/South/West colours for each direction of movement.

If your cube falls to the floor it will respawn at the start of the level, there are some GLTF + Aframe specific issues like the cube can fall through platforms that are moving but I will be able to fix that when we are allowed to use Unity Assetbundles after the competition.

This entry is just using GLTF + A-frame without any Unity Asset bundles as I started using assetbundles and had to swap over to GLTF and A-frame midway through developing my entry.

The game music can be disabled at the start with a button, each section of the game has its own level music.

Original music composed by Philip Traum


Tutorial Video: The Cube Puzzle Intro - YouTube


this is very nice Cube puzzle room best 1 i have ever seen :mushroom:

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