Batchfile to Executable

Does anybody know of any good programs that can convert batchfiles to exe files? The ones I have seen look very shady…

Inbuilt in windows

Or this @RiversideRocks

Due to the nature of how the file is converted I think most antiviruses will think the file is unsafe. You probaly won’t be affected if the file is created on your computer

Really running any “homemade” exe file through an antivirus will set off warnings. I believe that the key is to add all sort of publisher details and such. This is a photo of a very basic exe file made from C++.

This is the simple code that it contains:

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>

using namespace std;

int main()
	string name;
	int loop = 1;
	while (loop == 1) {
		cout << "Hello! What is your name?";
		cin >> name;
		cout << "Hey " << name << "\n";
	return 0;

Seriously??? Anti-virus softwares are suspicious of everyone, including a C++ program that outputs “Hey YOURNAME”.


Lol I know. Top tier software.

Update: I am releasing a program later today. By adding metadata and an icon, only 3 programs thought it was a virus.

Hmmm let me test my pyinstaller multiapp bundle. By the way unless you pay $200 for an verisign thing that you have renew yearly on other computers, they will get the pop up “Are you sure you want run this app” and they have to click “Show more” to find the “Run anyway” button. Barely anybody in the open-source community actually bothers

Honestly, licensing is a scam for opensource projects.

I’m not too worried because it is only windows that gets errors and no really well known security software thinks it is malicious. (I ran it through ESET and it was fine).