Best Way to Hide Server Logic for Git Updates

Hi all,

As described in this thread, we can see that it is possible to deploy from git to glitch automatically by essentially listening for a request and executing commands to git reset and refresh the app.

If I’m trying to make examples/demos for users to use, I would prefer to hide all unnecessary code for the purposes of being as clear as possible. However, I also want my app to update itself when I push from git. What is the best way to hide files/server logic on glitch, allowing me to make updates while only showing files related to the example I’m trying to highlight.


Create a file .gitignore and arrange the files to hide in line by line. It disappears from the file list.

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Ah interesting, so this will hide it in the glitch view. I just tested it out and can see that i can hide folders and access them through the console. Thank you! This is perfect.