Best web development server side langauge

In your opinion what is best for speed, easy to learn, security, hosting price ??

if you know python- use flask.

how do you mean?

I don’t have the finest choice on web development, but maybe PHP would be great

Flask is not a gaming framework - it’s a microframework for server side development.


golang is really fast and secure, i highly recommend it.
HTTP Framework for go: (200k requests/second!!!)

I recommend Django, if you know Python. It 1) is super-fast, 2) is easy to learn, 3) takes care of CSRF and 4) comes with an interface for admins so you often do not need to care about the code when using it.

Yeah, but on glitch it can be a pain to set up.

Catagories NodeJS PHP
Speed (Scale of One to Ten) 8 6
Security* 9 5
How easy is it to learn? (scale of one to ten) 5 10

* I have PHP as a five out of ten because it known for security issues, however, as with any language if you do your research and keep your version up to date, this will not be a problem.

Hosting costs should be about the same.

Is PHP easier or harder than NodeJS?


I beg to differ. But hey, I guess it’s your own learning style. For me, PHP seemed easier at first, but when I actually tried Node, it was easier, for me at least.

Personally, I’m not a fan of javascript syntax, its quite complex.

If I were to choose, express.

PHP is almost like HTML.

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I can see why you say PHP is simpler; it’s more like an inbuilt mega combo of EJS and backend combined in an HTML-ish syntax.