Betrays a glimmer of the party fun times ahead

Can anybody translate it into simple English? I don’t mean changelogs should be simple, just curios what this long phrase means. Betraying a glimmer doesn’t make much sense to me when I try to translate it myself into my language.

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It just means he had a cheeky look about him!


‘Betray’ here means to disclose something that was meant to be kept secret. Not the backstabbing kind of ‘betray.’ see definition number 4.

now I need to go find this changelog

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Should be there - About the Announcements category but…

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I could only find the changelog after clicking project, then Glitch options on the top right, then new stuff with the dog button.

A More Flexible Editor
You meet a robed, bearded old man. The spark in his eyes betrays a glimmer of the party fun times ahead. He beckons you closer. “Stay Awhile and Listen” he exclaims.

You can now drag to resize the sidebar and the logs
Offline collaborators now appear in the sidebar
You can now remove other people from a project
An option for toggling word wrap has been added to the user options menu
Error messages in the logs now let you quickly jump to the error in your code
You feel refreshed and more learned.

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