Better-sqlite3 error pls help

I’m making a discord bot and I run into this error:

return process.dlopen(module, path.toNamespacedPath(filename));

Error: /home/container/node_modules/better-sqlite3/build/Release/better_sqlite3.node: invalid ELF header

I try to open this folder to view it but visual studio code can’t open it because its not supported and it’s to big to view on my hosts website.

Did you search “invalid ELF header” on Google?

Yes I did, this is the website that came up with the same error but its not coming from the same place as my error does. I have continued to look for a fix to this as I can’t even open the file so I obviously couldn’t have done anything to it.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say “from the same place”. The path? The call to dlopen? I would guess the cause is similar if not identical regardless of where it occurs in your particular app.

Maybe not but the error is not unique and others have documented the causes and solutions. Plus better-sqlite3 is publicly shared project. You can actually post questions directly to the “maintainers” and perhaps even the author.

I’m using v 7.4.0, I see it is up to 7.4.3 now but I have no issues. Perhaps it didn’t build correctly when project was loading?