Beware of free boosted apps emails

It was recently brought to my attention that users are getting emails about claiming free glitch boosted apps. If you receive such an email, please disregard it as it is a scam and/or block the email address.

From my knowledge, glitch is not giving out free boosted apps and if you are told otherwise, you are being scammed.


This is something rare. They probably use one of the free email services Discourse recommends. But, how do they get the emails? (I am on my phone right now)

Most people (from experience) have a way of getting your email through social engineering our brute force. Then they use social engineering to get admin on a discourse forum and lock everyone out of the admin panel…

Then modifies a template and basically uses the email feature to spam.

Either way- ignore it (yes i know, not exactly the most trustworthy person to say that right now…)


I’ll keep my eyes open :eyes:


What do you mean?

Well if spam arrives, ignore it

If somebody asks to be admin- just give them regular, never give a newcomer admin unless you know them well.


Thanks for posting @RiversideRocks. Please send me a copy of this spam email you are reporting.

As a member of Glitch staff, I will reiterate that official staff will never ask you for a project Join link (while this may have been done in years past, it is no longer necessary) or any other admin credentials.

If you are approached by someone who claims to be Glitch staff and is asking you for private information, please report it to us via the Report Abuse button that appears on the Glitch site, or via our Help Center support request form.


If I am right, all support staff have emails and will almost always email you via (if not, possibly from their email), so check you are actually in contact with them. They don’t take/do support requests via forum DMs for security, so don’t be fooled by someone claiming to be them via DM!

It also does appear they have DMARC on!


They are goodd

Wow, they really thought about how to make it look quite like a real email from Glitch lol

@RiversideRocks Is it the actual domain, or is it just a spoofed domain? emails come from happyfox’s emails.