Big problem, bot don't work

Hey, I have a big problem.
So, i made a bot
The bot works perfect but, a day, the bot don’t want to works :confused:
I don’t modified the code but the problem : no errors in the logs so i can’t know where is the problem :frowning:
In the bot, the project says in the logs when a person execute a command but, nothing in the discord channel O_O
Exemple: i want to !warn a person but, the bot does nothing, normaly the bot type a embed with the description of the warn. The bot does nothing. Same for ban command, the bot don’t ban, same to the mute command, the bot don’t give mute role.
If you want source code, ask me.
So, thanks for persons want to help me, and: bye.

Is your bot online? Can you post your project link? (If it’s public)

Yes but i remove the token, for security

can you check your CPU - Memory - Disk usage? CPU can effect it.

Memory: 7%
Disk: 2%
CPU: 5%

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