Big question for

What if there was a site and it leaked your ip?
What should we do?
How would we know it doesn’t
How do we stop them?:grey_question:

If you believe the project in question has violated the TOS, you should click the report button on the project page.

Also, I should note that getting your IP leaking really isn’t that big of a deal. Unless you run a server off your IP address, then the worst thing that can happen is someone knows the 20-50 mile radius of where you are.


Well what if they leak it and people Ddos or like boot or something?

They could, but if anything you could ask your ISP to change your IP.

Or unplug your router for a few minutes, your might get a new IP.


True but what if this was a big website like example someone stole a big website like or like and they had a phinshing thing and grabs your ip or something?

How does it change your ip lol I never knew that

Sometimes websites will store your login IP, so I guess in theory if the database got hacked your IP would be “leaked”, but again, its not that big of a deal.


It just does :laughing:

It might take longer depending on your ISP.


Comcast/Xfinity sucks at this tbh, I have to dial 611 every time to have mine changed.


Wait you can do that? I had a power outage in the summer and mine got changed.

Well if you have a house phone with Xfinity, also they may have changed this as I didn’t change my IP address since a few months ago.

Oh, I don’t use Xfinity for my landline, that sucks.