Bits and pieces of a "generated static" site type are starting to appear

We last heard that the Glitch team had discussed this feature Automatically compile static project - #7 by khalby786. Now an implementation is starting to show up in public places that we users can see, in the startup scripts we have in our project containers and in the editor code.

Take a look at this sample project: (it should say “prefix interesting”)

Read up on the details I wrote in the readme: Glitch :・゚✧

Opening up the readme in the editor makes the project container start. Now with the project container running, take a look at the sample project again. I made it so that it shows something different, to help demonstrate what’s going on.

As with any such preliminary and unofficial info, you have to understand that this is not a commitment to have a final product that’s anything like this.


@wh0’s detailed posts about Glitch are like those National Geographic documentaries on exploring the “darkest and deepest mysteries of the ocean”.

Also it’s great this feature is starting to be implemented (at least it looks like it)! With this we could host all the front front end frameworks and static site generators.


@aboutDavid ^^^^^^^

Thank you so much for this feature!!! I wrote an idea about this a few weeks ago

It’s nice to know that I don’t need to use the terminal to run sass and notice that glitch decided to kill the process.
@jenn you can finally make make8bitart fully static I guess.