Blank Screen Problem

I was making a discord bot and it had several hundred of lines of code on it. I accidently pressed the back arrow and closed the screen at the same time. I cannot open it in any browser and get greeted with a blank white screen. Please help.
Edit: None of my friends can open it either. all they see too is a blank screen.


It’s not working for me too

Its still a blank screen…

Yep, I pointed that out to tasha. It should be back in a few minutes, the update might be taking a few minutes to propogate.

Because you have to have patience and wait for Glitch to fix it. You posted this 7min ago. Please be patient.

I know but I only replied to him when said “fixed”, even though it wasn’t fixed. I’m patient. I just replied to him, that’s all.

It can take a few minutes for changes to update. Tasha said it was fixed, so wait a moment for it to update.

Its working for me now

Same here!

Thanks, it works now